~Thanks for helping my bff get her man out of jail. Will use you again, I hope not but will if needed.  (Pete K.)


~Linda I just want to say thank u for always helping out when we need u most.  (Brett R.)


~The best bond's lady in the WORLD. .. Linda Stewart Driza  (Desha R. M.)

~"Thanks for all your help with our family your a great person, love the *****"  (Darlene H.)

“When ever I have used Linda's Bail Bond services I was completely satisfied. She is a very helpful and kind to my needs. At one point I wasn't able to pay the whole amount for my bond and she worked with me to make sure I was able to turn myself in and get my situation taken care of. I am able to call her whenever I may have questions or need free warrant checks. She is to this day a good friend and a wonderful business woman.”  Got your number on speed dial, just in case ;) LOL (Jamie T.)

"You are the Best and I will certainly refer you to everyone that I meet that needs a Bonds person or has been in jail. Hank and I will tell others and I am sure that the ones that we have already shared that information has and will be telling others too. You have always been there for me and mine and others when we needed you most...We Really Appreciate your services. You go the extra miles..YOU CARE!"  (Henrietta W.)

~ "Linda, you know you are the best and most caring bondsperson out there... but dont get it twisted if u mess out on bond, u know shes comin after ya.. So keep your head up, you are blessed."  (Terilyn H.)

~ "Thank God for the greatest bail bond lady in this world, Ms. Linda Stewart Driza! I love you so much. Thank you for being their for me and my daughter. (T. Kelly)

~ {Linda your a good woman} and i thank you for everything you've done for me all the warrant checks. T.S.

~  I want to thank u Linda for every thing to, for gettin me out and my crazy friends.... F.S.

thank you Ms Linda for giving us all the opportunity to work out pay plans . they will be in to square up with you :)))  M.R.

Linda will always help the people that keep it real with her...simple as that.  J. Aycock

Linda is a fabulous person and will help you anyway she can!  Be honest with her at ALL times!  M. Dickinson

Very wonderful bonds lady.  L. Brust

Linda is always there when your family is in need!!!! May God bless your business and family always Linda .  D. Hayward

~ Love Linda.  T. Howells

*Disclaimer* All testimonials are presented in their original form as written and are the express opinion and validity of the person(s) making the statements. Linda’s Bail Bonds does not gain anything from showing these testimonials and is posting these statements with the sole intention of showing customer feedback and for no other purpose.

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